Generate How it Works About Contact Better Settlers for Android

3 different sizes
- Standard: 3-4 players
- Large: 5 players
- X-Large: 6 players

3 different map types

Better Settlers - A map that creates a balanced distribution of resources and probabilities in order to maximize fairness and create a more evenly challenging game.
Traditional - A map generated in accordance with the method outlined in the Settlers of Catan rulebook.
Random - Completely. No rules.


4 different ways to generate

Generate Map - Refreshes the entire map
Shuffle Probabilities - Shuffles only the probabilities. Try this one for quicker setup on a second game.
Shuffle Harbors - Shuffles only the harbors.

Create Custom Map - Ideal for Seafarers, but also fun for a unique game of Settlers. Click on each hex once for land, and twice for sea. Then, press "generate map" for a fair custom map.